Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One night only.

"I'll come home with you. But I know myself; I wont be able to sex you."

Those words, have been rehearsed. I can speak them, in my dreams. They simply roll of my tongue, with no thoughts involved. I have been here before. I know myself.

This valentines day, I ate my words, as I released my body to meet with a man that I had only met hours before. This valentines day, I ate my words as I had my first one night stand.

Any regrets? Yes. Absolutely. I regret that he will not be available to have a second night stand, tonight, and a third, tomorrow.

I'd tell you about his body. But... of course, that'd be like me beating a dead horse.

Would I do it again? Yes. No. But only because it leaves me longing for more... and well, who would want to crave something they may not be able to have? That truely, is the only bitter aftertaste I've got.

I continue to replay his smile in my mind... often smiling along in recognition that well, we were "there" in that little space where we connected.

When I skip town tomorrow, I will delete his number... but his memories, will forever be stacked in my mind... slithering in and out of my mind as I remember..."Mr. Stand".

I will delete his number. Will let memories of him replay within my mind. Will save a link under my bed. ;)