Friday, July 27, 2007

where i want to be

ma favourtite getaway?
right here
between Labiaminora
and Clitoris
the shortest vacation
is only a minute away
that is my favourite place to be
only wish that i could stay in Climax for longer
than these 2 seconds

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dents been calling...

Dent's been calling me. i dont know what to do. I have a really slight thing for this guy, but knwo its such a bad idea to get involved with him.
Besides, at the club when i saw him, he had a friend with him and i can get really bold at times. Anyway, his friend came up to me and accused me of grabbing his balls. I knew he was lying and was just trying to start a conversation but instead of calling him out on his lies, i agreed and said ... so sorry i grabbed your balls. so tell me, how did i grab it?
I reached for his balls, and demonstrated...
"was it like this? or like ThiS???"
his dick really wasnt big.
his balls were okay size.
yeah, so i copped about 6 feels.
lmao and he kept coming back for more.
i love playing around like that!
so yeah i think its a lil odd that all of a sudden, i'm talking to Dent. Dent is not only my ex's sister's ex boyfriend, but also a friend to some guy whose balls i've just grabbed lol

let sleeping dogs lie

Being able to look past yesterday
Looking sideways, recognizing the baggages that refused to stay. Saying "come along then!" for there is no time to stall.
Baby girls, families, friends, Moma yall cant leave me now!
And moving along.
Let the currents be my boat.
Float me abode
as i move along these wary waves...
Let the past be that. for there never is a lesson learnt if there isnt anything lost.
What an uneventful boring life i'd have lived.
if i never had anything to drop, lost, pop, shove the fuck off!
om my way tomy destination.
So who comes along?! but the strong, the meek, the ones who overcame the hauls.
only the loved.
so many goodbyes.
bye to the ones that didnt make it.
and a thank you tothe ones who helped the success reach.
not only will i let sleeping dogs lie.
i'll also OD them on some sleeping pills.
hoping that they sleep, never to rise again.

July 7/07

You speak me dreams in languages unforetold

You, yeah you. At this early morn, new cracked dawn and you. My mind, my thoughts, my dreams and you. What it is that drawwwwws me to you. Is definitely strong enough to hold, to be-hold. Yet too weak to void. The hints of vulnerability that lights through your acts... you. speak to me, in ways, in languages that i have yearned for. For so so long. Languages that i have dremt of. In languages unfortold by any other. In languages that i have longed for. You speak. Yeah, you. To me, in such ways that reminfs me that i am a woman, reminds me why i am a woman, what makes me a woman, that you are a man,... reminds me why you are a man. In a language that seems to reflect this web between us. In a language that says "feminine child" "gentler soul" "weaker vessel"
"treat she as if she was the weaker vessel"

within this me, lies the woman you speak of me.
i am somehow able to look past your looks.
for you speak me dreams.
speeak me webbs.
speak me out.
though internal,
you speak me through.
and i come forth, looking forward to accepting you.
July/6/07. 0451am

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My luck is running out.

its been 3 years.
3 long, years but i tell ya, not even that is long enough!
but my luck has finally ran out. I bumped into Kimani's now-ex-friend at a club on Monday night.
i was so thrown back, i litterally staggered! My past had finally caught up with me.
When i was dating Kimani, Dent was dating Zebe. Dent and Kimani, consiquestl became friends. Dent had just came from back home, and was single. I remeber Zebe was so crazy about him. She was in love! She started dating him. And that was really odd, considering she was in a relationship with a (4 year younger) boy at that time, who she also lived with.
I tried to discourage her "if you'll be with Dent, then you cant live with Jose at the same time"
but that didnt work. Like any other advise i ever offered her, she agreed
"yes oh Truth, you are so right"
but nothing ever happened. She started a rocky relationship with Dent. They cheated on each other, had numerous fights and were still together when i left Kimani.
But supposedly, they broke up a few months after then...
Dent told me...
"i asked Zebe to go out to dinner with me, and she agreed but later cancelled. She called me to say she couldnt go cuz she had to babysit her firend's daughters. I got suspicious and called her but she didnt answer the phone, so i called Kimani. Kimani had no clue what was going on so when i asked if Zebe was with him, he said yes and passed the phone to her. So i told her i was coming over and she said not to. She sounded really nervous and desperate, and i was so angry! i had had enough of her cheating onme os i went over to their place anyway. You wont believe it, Truth! canu believe when i went over there, i knowcked and it took like 10 minutes before ZEBE could even ope the door? When i went in, i locked the door behind me! and Truth, i saw the guy! I saw Jose! I looked at him and couldnt believe the ThinG that was standing in front of me. I was so angry that this was what was ruining my relationship with Zebe. I confrnted Zebe and she was getting in my way so i puched her out of my way, then the idiot- Jose, came charging at me. Truth, the kin of beating i gave him, eh?! I gave him the beating of his life and he finally left. But that was the last time i was with Zebe. I was finished with her. I saw her a few months ago crossing the street. Nothing had changed. She still walked like a man and at her age, still looked unkempt. I spoke with her ans she was so embarrassed. And Truth, i was so proud to see that at least one of us had advanced. Atleast i had chosen to move on to "better" my life."

I couldnt believe this; he continued...
"Truth, i dont know why i ever got involved with that family (Kimani and Zebe). They were psychos. They were so rass and just as nuts. I had a connection with you. I had a crush on you. I knew back then that you and i should have been together. You were way too good for Kimani"
I couldnt resist. i said "oh, and i so agree!"
"its true! you were! and i wanted to be with you but you were with him and i was with her."
in my mind, i was rolling my eyes...
in my mind, i felt like i was slidding back into some familiar pit...
"can i have your number?"
i halted. i hesitated... "um..."
"its okay if you dont want to give it to me, i'll understand"
i was caught. i felt bad. "no thats not it. i just want to know... so do you still talk to Kimani or Zebe?" i held my breath.
"no. not at all"
i exhaled "okay then my number is 647-746-7403"
he called me immediately so i'd save his number. i did.
what are you doing now?
"oh, things are different for me now. I'm now in school and i bought a house"
then this wave of anger tickled my mind... i recognized it... aha!
oh my word! Fatima... she is Dent's sister but i wanted nothign to do with her. I told him...
"Dent, please, i beg you in the name of God! dont tell Fatima oyu saw me. I dont want anything to do with her."
"but you know what, shes sorry for the mistake she made and everyday she regrets it. She is engaged now and so grown. You two would even get along"
"Nope! Tufiakwa! no be me and her"
I had a bad history with fatima. I trusted her once. But not anymore...

Fatima is Dent's sister. When i met her, we became friends. Not enough to call each other but definitely enough to say hi, hug and stuff whenever we saw each other. And i
would visit Dent often with Kimani and Zebe and most of those times, Fatima would be over there at Dent's house.
We went out numerous times, partied a few times... and it was good. I was with Kimani, Zebe was with Dent and Fatima was with her boyfriend; Dayo.
Then soon i started hearing things. Zebe would tell me...
"Fatima is such a whore! everytime Kimani comes over to Dents' she starts getting all over him!"
"Why does she hike her shirt up and stuff whenever Kimani is around?"
"Fatima was flirting with Kimani again!"
but i didnt want to believe it...
Kimani was an idiot though. He as the type to make things up just to evoke jealousy... so whenever he'd tease me about him and Fatime, i'd ignore him. But i finally got tired of it when he started to tell me that Fatima is asking him to break up with me.
I decided to do something about it.
The next party was going to be at a nutual friend's house.
I was prepared and Zebe could sense it...
she begged "abeg dont confront her"
when we got there, i waited till everyone was relaxed. We were all out on the patio. it was the perfect time... everyone was distracted.
I went over to Fatima and asked if i could speak with her. she said "sure"
i motioned her into the washroom,and locked the door behinfd me. Facing her with my back to the door (i wanted to make sure there wont be any escape route), i asked..
"Fatima, i have a few questions for you and its really important that you ak=nswer me as truthfully as you possibly can"
"okay" she looked nervous. She also looked like she thought she was doing a good job of hiding her anxiety.
i scontinued"Now, i must tell you, i've been hearing things but i'm notthe type to believe anything if i dont have a reason to. You are a new friend to me, so i have nothign against you. But i've been hearing this thig for a while from sources that i would have thought was reliable, so please tell me; have you been trying to get with Kimani?"
she twisted her brows. A knot formed in her face
i shifted. Have I just taken the wrong steps? but no! she isnt denying nor confierming it, she is only restating my questionand if i want a truthfula nswer, i must stand my ground!
i stood straight and held my hips.
"Yes! i know you heard me right and if you dont understand what "get with" means, then let me know!"
"what kind of nonsense is this? no, there is nothing i want with Kimani. He is just a friend."
"are you attracted to him in any way?"
"NO! i dont understand why everyone thinks i wan ttheir man! if this is what i'll be going through just for being a friend, then i dont need the friendship. i'll stop talking to him!"
"if everone suspects ypu for wantign their man then MAYBE theres something you need to reevaluate the way you act with people's men!"
"you know what? thats okay. I dont want trouble. I'll stop talking to him."
"I'm not saying you should but if thats what you want, then so be it. i just had to ask you."
A knock came at the was Kimani
"Hey! what are you guys doing in there? But Truth! You said you wouldnt confront her nowwww!" He was scared. I was angry. Someone was lying out their ass here, and i can sniff the wiff!
I looked over at Fatima. The look on her face confirmed that there was more to the story. She was sweating like a diabetic and had fear tattooed on her face. I knew how to get to the bottom of this. I unloked the doow, opened it.
"Kimani, GET IN HERE!"
He came in, anxious
"okay, so who the fuck is lying here? Kimani, how the fuck could you lie to me? You made me confront this girl because of your mischeivious lies!!! its over! I cant stand being with a man who lies so much! bye!" I headed for the bathroom door...
He jerked towards Fatima... "Fatima, what did you tell her?" I stopped, looked back towards them and saw as Fatima got up, and hurried for the door. Kimani grabed her arm and jerked her back
"COME BACK HERE!!!" now everyone was outside the bathroom door, hearing us. So was Dent.
"What did you tell my baby?"
"Please let me go, please" she begged
but shy was she begging? i htought she was innocent. Wasnt she?
"NO! i wont let you go till you tell her everything!" he turned towards me "ask her now baby, please! please i swear i didnt lie to you!"
I felt sorry for Fatima... "Fatima, did you ask Kimani to break up with me so he could be with you?"
"yes i did" she cried
"so why did you lie to me?"
"i dont know!"
"have you been trying to get with Kimani?"
"yeah, yeas, yes, okay?!!!"
"what the fuck are you raising your voice for? Fucking bitch" Kimani barked.
Fatima got up, and left, darting for the door and running past the pairs of eyes that followed her as she exited. Dent's face was red. He was embarrassed.
I looked back to see Kimani on his knees, begign for forgiveness"
"Baby, i'm so sorry! i didnt mean to put you through this i'm so sorry"
"Kimani, i would have never experience this if you had not welcomed her. If you really didnt want her, you could have let her know, and stopped talking to her. Instead, you fostered her feelings for you, by being the cheap idiot that you are. You continued to talk to her, you acceptedher affctions."
"Baby please forgive me!"
"its over"

but it wasnt. I was with Kimani for 10 more months after then.

China, why oh why oh why?

On Monday, China I went to a speed dating event. It was actually fun! The men there were either professionals (doctors, optometrists, business analysts, etc) or students. How it worked? 20 females sat at each table as 20 men took turns going from one table to another to have a 5minute conversation with the men. At the end of the night, the men and women write on a preassigned paper who they'd like to have another date with and if the females that they indicate had also wanted another date with them, the organizers will email the female with their email addresses.
It was great! I was embarrassed for one thing though; my table was after Chinas' so i got the men she had just dated (talked to). Most of them would get o my table and ask
"Oh, hi! are you an Aesthetician just like China too?".
I had to lie and say "No, but shes a friend of mine and shes great at her job!".
There were some candid moments when I'd overhear some guy ask her "Oh yeah? wow! what did you study at that institution?" . China was up to her lies again. I was so embarrassed. So ashamed. She shouldnt have to lie about these things.
The highlights of the night was when we all went out to eat afterwards... Caty, Lara, CHina's sister and Caty's sister... wWe had so much fun.
I droped China off the next morning at her house (dad's house). It was 5am on Tuesday and as we drove into her driveway, she looks up and says "oh! my sister is not home. her car is not here! dad'll be so mad that i went out, and shes not home neither!"
pls i need you to picture hearing this from a 26year old!

and as she comes out of the car, her dad comes out of the house. There he was, standing in the doorway, looking like the height-challenged idiot that he is, scolding to her in their language. I looked away, i was angry! I turned my head. I couldnt stand watching the nonsense.
i heard as she says
"its not a guy! Its Truth, dad" she responded in English
I looked up at him, looked at him, stared at him, and looked away in disgust.
I was angry!
There he stood, scolding this grown ass woman! i looked at her and almost vomited at the sight of her. She stood there, accepting the insults, like a 3 year old school girl that had commited adultery! i just couldnt believe it
But what made me more angry, she came around to the car to pick her stuff up. Hurrying, she packed her stuff up clumsily,
"i told him we party but we also work hard. I told him that you have a career, and that you are also a student and he said he didnt believe me that if youwork, then why are you partying on a a weekday..."
as she narrated, i remember the times he'd told her he didnt want her hanging with Blacks, the times he warned her about dating blacks and the times he threatened to disown her if she did! no wonder he assumed i was a man.
I had held off too long! i had to interrupt
"how the fuck would he know though! i mean! this man has no job! the only jonb he has is scamming, so how would he know what its like to go to work on a weekday??? he wouldnt have a clue what its like to be a student, and work because he himself, has never worked! so you know what, i dont even want to hear anymore!"
she was silent.
so was i.
we spoke hours later on the phone and i told her i didnt want to see her dad again because i really dont have respect for him. If i see him again, i'll be really upset and i just might be truthful to him. He really should never hear what i think of him.
"China, i wont be taking anymore of his insults in whatever language that he chooses to insult me! Dont forget, I AM SOMEONE'S DAUGHTER TOO! I'll stay away from your home because if i see him again, I'll definitely react"

I am so sick of China allowing him to take control of her life! I met China in highschool. When we met, I was 15, she was 17. We were in 10th grade. She had just transffered to my school. It was odd that we were in thesame grade, considering she should have been 2 grades higher.
I remember having a fight with her, and i had stopped talking to her. She only spent a year at the school, she quit school after we parted ways. She is yet to finish highschool. I am embarrassed and so angry that she has refused to take control of her life. Instead, she's chosen to keep complaining about how much she's ruined her own life.

Why oh why oh why?
In the name of self-love, pls get up!
You can only sleep for so long
wakin up at intervals to question your lenghty naps
"why oh why oh why?"
you remain asleep even as you wake.
you refuse to hear anymore of my complaints
But i just cant shake it baby!
I cant ignore the feeling!
it use to be me and you,
and our plans for the top never did happen
I hate to look down at you
I hate to see you lie to get through
"oh, i'm an aesthetician"
Baby, you shouldnt have to make this up
and daddy wont be there that long
and life wont wait for no one
but i'm sure you've heard this before
so i'll just shut up and blog some more...

What God has joined together...

Ambition is getting married next year
now, she made NO mention of an engagement, a ring, anything!
but she says shes getting married next summer.
I dont know if i should ask her if she got a ring and how he proposed, because i'm afraid of the answer i might get.
I'd hae to hear her say he didnt give her a ring.
And i hate to sound so shallow,
but i want the best for Ambition.
She deserves so much more.
but is always settling for the very least.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cucumber to comeville

If God was (is?) a woman, i wonder if she laughed as she created cucumbers...
some are so large, they are unbelievable.
and some so minute, you need not slice them.
there are some so thick, they're scary
and some so thin, its sad...
as she crafted the shape, i wonder if she thought
"hmm... wouldnt it be awesome if it had life!"
if she was human,
i wonder if she ever was horny.
and when she was, i wonder if she ever tried it out.
hell, as i washed and diced my 15inches long cucumber tonight,
lawd knows the only reason i didnt use it
was because it was straight out of the fridge.


so i went over to my toy box
and grabbed my vibrator...
come-ville, here i come!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thank God for memories

You know, i hate this
sometimes i just hate memories
Who decides what you remember?
Who decides what gets lost
tanbgled up in nature's complicated webbs
who, really?
...decides that tonight, i wont remember that he was such a bitch
that he reeked of nasties
that he was dumber than a doorknob
that he was dryer than wheat crackers
and even more importantly,
that he was just a plain ass hole?
he was not mine to keep.
he was not for me.
but then Neyo sings in that Milky masculine caresing voice of his
"I just wonder..."
do you ever think of me
"do you?"

i miss having you
i miss the better days...
i get silly moments when i wonder what i'd be like
if you were still here
do you?

(but then i remember...
thank God for memories
you're an asshole
and God knows i dont need two of those)

Thursday, July 19, 2007


oh I beg you darlings, please believ it. You can adapt!

Your mind is a powerfulthing

What do you think faith resides in?

Wanna walk on water?

Get up…

Convince your senses-

Skin, I am light

Ears, balance me as such

Sight, this is firm

Taste- water is rigid

Oh whatever else that must believe,

Do! Convince it!

Believe it as I say this

You my dears, can move mountains!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We named him "Rebound"

China and I give each man names...
So its his turn, so we name him rebound.
This man is nice.
Heres a little history...
Camerounian man, age 32.
single... got out of a 3year relationship 6months ago. SOurces say its beter for him because she was using him. She was younger, with a daughter who he supposedly adopted and cared for as his.
Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?), she was a bitch.
she treated him extremely bad.
how i know this?

Neisie told me.

Neise is a ex coworker of mine., My first ime meeting her at work, she asked me where i was from and i told her i was Nigerian. She;d lived in Nigeria but was from Cameroun. We clicked.
I was suprsied to find out she was a married mother of 2! i though t she was aout my age!


this girl is nuts!

Okay, fore real i must admit... China is a dime piece.
Everytime i see this girl, i halt in awe not only of her beauty, but of its origin because truth betold, I DONT THINK SHE GOT IT FROM HER PARENTS!
i dont think so. But this girl is so beautiful
you know ur girl is beautiful when she can never seem to look unattractive even when she tries.
China can go out in the skimpiest outfit or the baggiest gear. All she'd have to do is look up and men litterally stand in trance.
She has the "it".

AT the club last night, there were 3 men almost gettin gin a fight for her, not counting of the other 4 or so who were all over her.... One came and tied to talk to her and she didnt like him... so we moved on.
Next one came... he wanted to dance with her. So she agreed. But really, she only agreed because the first one wouldnt stop following her. But that didnt work
Man #1, boldly walked up to man #2 and told him shes his girlfriend. And there i was watching in absolute awe! i couldnt believe what my eyes were seeing!
so she walks away into the washroom, angry.
I laughed because shes so passive!
I'm wayyy too assertive. I cant have an unwanted man taggin pon me ass all night. I would've told him to get his rass out and leave me alone!
but not China.
She was being herself as she walked in to the washroom to get some space.
She came back to fall into the arms of this lanky black guy who held and danced her off for a while.
Next, man # 1 comes, trying tro break them off but thats when i started to get really disgusted. China turns to me
China: "Oh my God! tell him to leave me alone!"
I turn to him
Truth: "i've been asked to..."
CrazyMan: "huhhh?"
I yelled... "i've been asked to tell you to fuck off!"
CrazyMan: "i like your friend"
Truth: "irrelevant. She doesnt want you"
CrazyMan: "but..."
Truth: "fuck off"
CrazyMan: "..."
"okay mista man..." i pushed him off, stood between them.... danced the night away with China's other friend and some guy...
it was a funny night. He never did leave.
That girl needs a body guard... i cant keep trying to keep the crazy men away.

Till, be delayed.

And I am not angry

And I am not bitter

And I am not sorry.

Holding bno regrets.

I am glad for then.

Glad, for then.

For I was in a fairy tle.

It ended. But I was there.

And now I know

With all certainties…

There isn’t such thing as happily ever after

There only exists, “happily ever till”

Hoping that “till”, never comes for you.

Hoping your “till” is delayed enough

To see the beauty in yours.

As I did mine…

Monday, July 9, 2007

So many moves.

I have been away from Blogville for a little long.
Longer than i'd like to be.
i sometimes catch myself blogging in my mind, hoping i can get to the net before the memories melt away.
So anyway, here i am and i dont even know where to start.

i moved away, and i'm glad i did it. Its a new kind of life for me; something i have not experienced in so long. I'm in a new town, a new place, out of my comfort zone, yet ready to explore the possibilities. I've had so many recent brake-ups. TBS, and "friends... its exhausting. I think at this point, i am ready to let go of anyone. If i can go through this, ic an go through it all.
TBS... hmm...I look around for replacements for him at times. I see men that catch my eyes and wonder if they are anything like him. How different can they be, really?
Yet i'm glad we're over. I'm glad that part of my life is dead. I'm glad he is out of my life. Okay, so let me recap about the men i've met or talked to since our break up...

Mr. Firm;
dear mista firm! i have known this man for a little over a year and he'd always seem like a big brother to me. He somehow manages to remind me "not" to party too much, drink too much, and the likes...
He lives alone. A bachelor in a condo a short drive away. Sounds like a perfect person to hook up with but i just cant seem to feel for Mr. Firm. His personality is appealing, but i cant seem to get the physical attraction going. I dont like him physically. I had been trying to hook Mr. Firm up with Nat for a few weeks now but they had not had the chance to meet, nor speak to each other. Then Nat got hooked with this other man and i knew that he (Firm) didnt have any chance with her. I went to visit Mr. Firm a few days before TBS and i parted ways, and we saw a movie at his place. He cooked and i tell you,the one straight way to my heart without a detour, is through my mouth. I love to be fed by men! so yes, i was loving that. But it was tres weird that night when i was leaving; Mr. Firm gave me a tight(!!!) firm (hence the nickname) hug.He hugged me so tight, my breats flattened like pancakes on his chest- the tightest hug ever. I didnt get the clue till a few more hugs clued me in; Mr. Firm was crushing... on one of my visits, Mr. Firm said he had something to show me. He had to show me "it". I played along and went in his room along with him. I got bold and undid his belt, proceeded to pull his pants down but he stopped me. He reached for my chest and i thought "what de fak! mista man, I didnt say i had anything to show you, you the one who had something to show me!". I moved away.He asked me "can i see your breats?" and i couldnt belive my precious ears... WHAT A TURN OFF!!! okay, i need someone to tell me, am i the only female who finds it repulsive when men ASK to touch, sex, hug you? asking kills the mood! (not that there really was anything to get in the mood for that night but!...) anyway, i told him i wasnt ready for that, i left.
last night however, we did kiss, he did see my breasts(and no, he didnt ask this time!), he did suck them well, he did hold them right... his fingers almost reminds me of Troy's (Lover's lane). His fingers almost made me spurt. But i wanted his tongue... and he gave me it... and he sucked at it... i'd be sore for 5 hours afer then (*^&#)... i wont be seeing him anymore... not sexually.

Mr. Fisher
I cant believe ppl still wear fishermen hats! this guy is so silly! The sadest part is he'd look so much better without the hat on. But i pray next time i see him, he wouldnt have it on.
I met mister Fisher at a club on saturday. He'd tried to pick me up once before but his cousin beat him to it. His cousin had much more charisma, and a lot less brain mass. Needless to say, i never did do anything with him. Mr. Fisher's sister is a club-party friend. Do you know what i mean by that? have you ever had a friend that you always seem to meet at a specific club and everytime you meet him/her there, you two dance all night together, you exchange numbers yet you never call each other... thats the kind of friend she is. After the night was over, Mister Fisher called and we talked- he lives on thesame street as my mother (^$&%*!), bought a house with a friend. He is a computer analyst(or something like that) student and he works at some local store. My phone disconnected and he texted later in the night to thank me for calling him, that he is so glad he'd met me bla bla bla. ... when Mister Fisher said "you're such a nice girl, so soft spoken", i remembered all the hundrends of times i had raised my voice at TBS. If only he can speak with TBS... he'd tell him not ot be so naive... he'd tell him i really am human... i too, scream.
He called today to ask me over as he had cooked. I was ecstatic. But Mister Fisher is a Camrounian. I dont know what their meals i like, but i hope i'll like it. I couldnt make it over but i told him i'd come some othet time...
Mister fisher... we'll see.

Mr. Face.
Oh my goodness! this man has got the beautifullest (yes, look it up)face! i was at Afrofest (an annual african festival here) when i saw him at the corner of my eyes... he asked "dont i know you?". i looked over and sure enough, his face rang a bell... but couldnt figure out WHICH bell exactly.
"yea, you do look familiar..."
we figures out how we met.
Last year, i met a man at the gas station. He was in a yellow civic. What attracted me to him was his eclectic style- he dressed like he was breaking some rules. like an outlaw,... i saw myself in him. I liked him. And his face! oh wow! he is dark, but more like honeydark. He was blemish-free. skin clear like Dasani, face calm like peace. I loved his face! He was beautiful.
and just as brainless.
i had taken his number at the gas station and i knew i'd done right after speaking with him. He was an idiot. I got Francoise on the phone as i called him (i know, i'm childish!) so she could listen up. I wanted to see if she'd recognixze his voice because if theres one peson who can identify any ghanian person by their voice, name, belongings, etc, its Francoise! i swear that girl is connected with and deeply rooted to her ppl.
I had the worst convo with Face. I asked him what he did for a living and he called himself a "private investigator"... i probed and later realised he was aa security guard at a local store... a few other things he said but my memory fails me. I never called him back.
bu there he was last night, staring me down with those beautiful eyes of his... so i gave him my number. We'll see...

Stay tuned...