Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is Truth's uterus.

I've always known that I do not have to have kids.
Once I grew well enough to know that I had rights and that the status quo is only so till you change it, I fell in love with the idea of challenging the world on its presumed right to my womb.
It is within me. I own this. This uterus, has my name on it.

My body, my cervix, my eggs, my choice.

Simply put, I was not having anyone tell me what to do with my vag.
Armed with that knowledge, and the recognition that love is love regardless who it is bestowed upon or who gives it; I decided on adoption.

Then sometime when I was a teen, I saw a TV show about a family with several adopted kids from different ethnic backgrounds. The idea of rearing kids from different races appealed to me. I fell in love with the whole theme. I decided then, that I'd have seven kids; adopted from different races.

Years later, I realize what I had fallen in love with is what the family symbolized; unity. The idea of having the whole world represented under your roof, living as a family; gave me a little reassurance that it may be possible to achieve unity in this world of ours.

Truth is, adopted or not, I dont think I want any kids to share my time with. I am selfish. Yes, selfish. I dont want to share my wealth, my time, my space with kids.
Though (now am about to sound really confused) the idea of having a person who looks like we who i can teach my ideals, is really appealing. I feel like deciding to not have kids would be a poor idea because it would be a loss to this world that someone who has my ideals (yeah, am about to sound really proud) isnt going to procreate. I mean...