Saturday, August 9, 2008


I'm not sure why but i'm feeling less and less like coming over to blogville these days (or shoudl i say, these months...). So much happens in my life but i feel so insecured and so unsafe to share them! Regardless of how annonymous i may have remained. I just dont enjoy it here like i used to.
Today, i got the silliest urge to close this down.
But then i thought i'd give it to the end of the month and even then, i'd just leave if i still feel thesame. I love my words... every single one of them and even more so the spaces i leave between each one.
So the thought of quitting and erasing all the emotions that i'd transformed into these words without really erasing the emotions and once again, being lost with my feelings, scares me.
I want to be able to look back and read what it felt like to be me in 2007, for example... or at the very least, what it was that i wanted people to know and in those codes, the ways i felt and please if you understand exactly what i said, say amen a few times (and if you dont, dont give yourself a headache because, i'm not so sure i'm sane anyway lol).

This space is mine.

And it'd be mine for as long as i want it. So though it makes me feel a little "Blecwkch" coming here right now, i feel great, knowing that it'll always be here.

Peace, love and soft alfonso mangoes ppl.
(till next time)